A brief introduction...

My name is Andrew Gillies. I live in Scotland (where my surname is pronounced [gil iss]) but originate from the antipodes. This is a personal web site about some of my interests and ideas. It contains notes on specific topics, including comments on software and computer related techniques. The web site is public in case anyone finds some of these notes or ideas useful.

What I'm interested in

I have a wide range of interests (as this web site may reveal), but there are a number of main foci. I am interested in computer security, both implementation and policy. This extends to how different people understand security concepts and effective ways of explaining or conveying them.

I am also interested in the brain (my current employment is research into a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, which has an important role in Parkinson's disease). The basal ganglia is thought to play a key part in animal reinforcement learning (learning from experience to obtain rewards or good outcomes). Formal algorithms of reinforcement learning (and learning in general) are increasingly important in understanding how animals learn form experience. These types of algorithms could also have a significant impact on the computer security domain. Bringing these ideas together would be fun....

In my spare time I manage a number of Linux computer systems where I play with a lot of the computer security and related ideas.

Getting in touch

You can get in touch at [please enable javascript to see the address]. The name anaru is "Andrew" in Māori.