equivocation: ambiguity or uncertainty of meaning in words; misapprehension arising from the ambiguity of terms; the using of a word or phrase in more than one sense. OED

The equivocation web site is primarily a set of personal notes about software, techniques, and other topics I find interesting or useful. Why is it called "equivocation"? Because descriptions of software and computer related techniques easily succumb to equivocation. I will endeavour to avoid this (although, I don't promise to succeeded).

Recent entries

Online security: UK laws and regulations

I was asked yesterday about the safety of booking a flight online. This person had previously only ever made travel arrangements via a high street travel agent. Although I could give some generally known advice, there was no way I could generate the levels of confidence that walking into a well known high street store provides. At the same time I have been reading the "Personal Internet Security" report by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee (published in August 07). It struck me that knowing about the current range of laws and regulatory bodies that may have some remit to protect the individual online actually may be detrimental to providing such confidence.

Compiz tuning with gconf

Although compiz is often billed as desktop bling, there are some more subtle effects that it can provide to make using the desktop more friendly and intuitive. I have listed here some of the changes I have made using the gconf configuration tool (gconf-editor) to modify how compiz works building from the default Fedora install.

BAWStats drupal module

The BAWStats drupal module, which integrates the third party PHP betterAWStats system into drupal 6, has moved from alpha to beta code (I first mentioned the project in May). This drupal module displays AWStats statistics data in a convenient and customizable way.

New CSE update: version 1.4 and plans for 2.0

I have just put together a small update (version 1.4) for the CSE dupal module that performs client side encryption. This update contains one fix and one new feature.


Over the last week I have been playing with mash-up technology. This came about because a friend, Emma, wanted to be able to find all of the Edinburgh film/cinema information in one place. That sort of idea had also been in the back of my mind for some time, so I set to building moviemash, a site containing nearly all of Edinburgh's cinema listings. I decided to also mash in youtube trailers to make things more interesting.

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