New CSE update: version 1.3

I have just made an update to the CSE dupal module that performs client side encryption (i.e. encryption of content within a page, and decryption using javascript attached to that page). The update adds a feature where the encrypted text can be represented by variable text.

In the older version, encrypted text was identified in the page like -2-48-2B-E5-6F-9E-D4-C2-7F-43-5F-5E-2E-86-55-11-17-50-61. I have now added the ability to use the "title" attribute within the html tag to specify any alternative text. For example, -2-D1-2B-FC-75-D2-8F-ED-F-25-51-C5-39-9D-D5-16-5F-BC-87-2B-A1-AC-53-62-38-5D-F-86- 22-50-A7-FE-17-48-29-FC-2B-27-21-31-33-21-3E-5-15-F4-26-D4-25-78-F2-3F-FB-6A-8E- EB. The only thing that identifies the encrypted text in this example is the colour (or looking at the page source) and the colour is a configurable option. The password for the above examples is the same as on the CSE page.

This is a small feature addition, and will be released as version 1.3.