Over the last week I have been playing with mash-up technology. This came about because a friend, Emma, wanted to be able to find all of the Edinburgh film/cinema information in one place. That sort of idea had also been in the back of my mind for some time, so I set to building moviemash, a site containing nearly all of Edinburgh's cinema listings. I decided to also mash in youtube trailers to make things more interesting.

Moviemash is work in progress - there is still quite a list of things to do/tidy-up. I'm not sure how fast it will progress as it only gets some of my spare time. Everything is automated, which means it is possible it will get things wrong from time to time (the joy of mashing). I will add a comment/feedback part to the site soon, so I can measure what people think. I decided to buy a domain (only £2.99 for two years) so I can isolate the traffic easily in case I have to worry about bandwidth.